Monday, May 15, 2017

Quick, Easy, and Sweet

Last week was one of those 
weeks that was super busy
all for good and happy reasons.

Meet Weston Kimani Wolfe
Born May 10
7 lbs. 15 oz.

My 4th grand baby.


Stitching and sewing
definitely took a back seat, but
I had recently finished two projects.
First, were the "Sister Quilts" that I made
for my trip to the Netherlands.

The design was from this new book,
Simple Friendship
by Kim Diehl and Jo Morton.

Looking through my stash,  I quickly
chose this border and then easily planned the color
scheme around it.

Vintage browns and pinks always work.

Some simple machine quilting 
and these two quilts were finished 
and ready to share.

Simple Friendship is an excellent book written 
with the idea of exchanging blocks with friends or
easily sewing them yourself.
Both Jo and Kim share their interpretations of the same
blocks and patterns.  It's always interesting 
to see how different that can be.

My second finish was
working on this simple
embroidery while recently flying for a total of 22 hours.
Needless to say,
it didn't take me that long to stitch!

I had purchased the vintage linen towel at 
an antique show a while ago and my friend Becky found
the darling chicks on Pinterest.

I did some crayon tinting
and the embroidery was done with Cosmos
embroidery floss.
Quick, Easy and Sweet all rolled into one.

I'm not sure how Quick and Easy
the week was for my daughter,
but for me 

it was pretty Sweet!

Until Next Time-

Monday, May 8, 2017

Dutch Quilts, Fabrics and New Friends

Enjoying the culture and history of the 
Netherlands was just one part of my recent trip.
The other part revolved around quilts,
fabric and new friends.

Scene 1
Eight giddy quilters
eagerly walking down the streets of Amsterdam
in search of 

and the shop "Den Haan & Wagenmakers."

We were so excited about going in, it was
hard to stop and have our picture taken.

Petra Prins' Amsterdam shop is not very big, but
definitely filled with wonderful Dutch Heritage fabrics
and beautiful inspiring quilts.

It was one of those shops where you have 
to just stop and let your eyes rest in
one spot before looking some more,
otherwise everything is just a blur.

We were having so much fun!

I had told myself I would look for a kit
to bring back home.

This is the one I chose.

  but instead of the gold
border I picked out two Dutch fabrics.

I wasn't sure which one would be perfect so
it's best to get both.

This doll size quilt
would be perfect to make
with all the leftovers
I have from making Petra's mystery quilt.

Scene 2
One thing you learn when you travel 
is that people are the same no matter where you are.

 Our group had the sweet opportunity 
to meet with another quilting bee from
 Leiden, Netherlands.
Yvonne is a blogging friend 
and you'll want to check out her blog .

Just look at the beautiful Dear Jane she's made.

Doreen had arranged for us to all come together.
 What a thrill to come to Yvonne's home,
 share a delicious Dutch meal,
 and them meet the gals in her quilting bee.

 There was time for show and tell

 sharing some gifts,

and sharing that quilting rush you get when
quilters get excited.

Before leaving on the trip,
 I had made "sister quilts"
for Yvonne and myself.
It was so much fun to give her hers.

We had each made a block for signatures.
It was fun to get everyone to sign our friendship squares.

 This is mine.
It will be the label for a quilt I have in mind.

Getting together was definitely
one of the high point of the trip.
  "Quilting Sisters"

Scene 3
The next morning we were up early and
on the train heading to Amersfoort to attend the
quilt show 
The Australian-Dutch Connection
 You can read more about it on Judith's blog
who was one of the coordinators of the show.
It featured the quilts of Di Ford-Hall
of Australia

Cloverdale House

Gigglewick Mill Sampler

and Petra Prins of the Netherlands
 An's Treasure

the Quiltmania mystery quilt, 2016

It was so exciting to see these and many many more 
gorgeous quilts in person.

We attend Petra's and Nell Kooiman's
trunk show of antique quilts.

  The lecture was in Dutch, but we learned
 we all speak "quilt"!

I had traveled with only a small carry on 
so my shopping had to be somewhat limited.
But I did manage to bring home a 
few more Dutch Heritage pieces


 Di and Petra's new books. 
It was hard not to go crazy! 

Needless to say 
it was a fantastic trip

 from beginning to end!

Until Next Time-

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Netherlands

If you're looking for an ideal
European trip and adventure,
you need to consider visiting the Netherlands.
It is just like you might have imagined it.

My trip began by meeting up with
7 wonderful women from Virginia.

They are all part of a quilting bee called
"Hearts and Hands".
I had met a few members of this group
last spring and when there was talk 

of a trip to the Netherlands.
I said count me in!

The trip was coordinated by
Please check out her blog if you
don't already follow it.

During our week stay
we discovered the beautiful Dutch countryside,
 with windmills,

 colorful tulip fields,

wooden shoes.

A trip in the spring
would not be complete without a visit to the
famous Keukenhof Gardens

with it's displays of millions of beautiful tulips.

There are museums to explore 
filled with collections of Dutch Masters

The Night Watch
at the Rijksmuseum

the Van Gogh Museum

Or even remembering the story of
Ann Frank during the Nazi occupation.

For a change of pace
simply walk along the charming canals

discovering houseboats

quiet places.

Amsterdam is an easy walking city.
You can stroll into Dam Square 
finding the King's Palace

or look for tiny narrow houses

on quiet cobblestone streets.

But wherever you walk 
beware of the bikes

 You'll find quite a few!

Of course, no trip is complete without
trying the local flavors.

A thick pea and smoked sausage soup

Gouda Cheese



served on King's Day with
bright orange frosting
just to share a few yummy treats.

Our trip wasn't over yet.
We still had quilt things to do.
You'll have to wait for the next
post to see what we did.

Until Next Time-